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So, what is SIP (Session Initiation Protocol)?

Simply put, it’s another way to connect you to your network to the world.SIP is a protocol that allows multiple voice channels to be used over your existing data network. It is used as a replacement for standard phone lines on an IP based phone system and is commonly seen as the latest equivalent to ISDN lines.

Our SIP Trunks provide the ultimate in flexibility to your telephony solution. Unlike some national providers, we are happy to provide trunks for you to use on your own system, using your existing Internet connection or we can provide a fully integrated solution for you.

We have access to a number of the UKs largest wholesale SIP trunk providers, so can ensure the best product and capacity is available for you. Whether you require an International number terminating in your London office, or simply want cheaper calls, greater resilience or more call capacity, we have a product which will fit the bill.

SIP is the next step in lines and minutes. Super intelligent technology, it saves time and money, is flexible, easy to use and can have disaster recovery built-in. SIP Trunks are the future of Telephony.

The benefits of SIP Trunks


Speak to colleagues for free, and outside destinations at a lower cost than ISDN


Ease of system expansion (additional SIP channels can be added) and lines setup instantly

Flexible Numbering

You can work from a location specific number from anywhere

Great Performance

Site resilience and enhancement with many features

Number Portability

Relocate your business anywhere but keep your existing number


Flexible, easy to use and time and cost efficient


Number flexibility that supports the in-built disaster recovery plans


Short term contracts available to offer flexibility

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