Meet the Team – Ian Harte – Service Desk Manager

Ian Harte is our Service Desk Manager.

Ian is a key part of our team and not only supports all our helpdesk team but leads our more complex projects and assists with the entire running of day to day business.

How long have you worked at Pond?

16 and a half years


What’s your background – qualifications, previous experience?

Ian completed a BTEC ND in Programming and computing, across the three-decades since then, he amassed extensive experience in Information Technology from Desktop Support, on premise Server Support, networking and cloud services for corporate entities including ICL, Fujitsu, and Microsoft. Additionally, Ian provided server support and was involved in testing DR at Barclays Banks Group Central Functions & Running a Citrix Farm at Barclays Financial Planning for 10 years.


What are the first three things you do when you get to the office in the morning?

Login, Check the PSA and RMM and Phone system and tackle my highest priority tasks.


What do you enjoy most about your job?

Continuously monitoring helpdesk KPI’s and implementing changes in helpdesk processes, documentation, and helpdesk systems to improve the team’s performance while keeping myself appraised of new technology.


What’s your biggest achievement?

I wrote a VB application at Barclays which was used to monitor and alert to server outages.

At Pond my biggest achievement is configuring our RMM, PSA and Documentation System, integrating all 3 systems and updating the systems automated workflows.

Outside of Pond I have Produced, Mixed, Mastered and released my own album which is a mixture of trance, Drum and Bass, French House, synthwave and chillout music.


What can we catch you doing at the weekend?

Producing Music, Sound Design, making my own Home Automation gadgets and being with my family.

What is your favourite motto?

Can’t remember all of them but this one is from a memorable Christmas cracker back in 1995.

What do Frogs wear on their feet?

Open Toad Sandals.


Which three things could you not live without?

My Wife, Son and Synthesizers


Who is your idol?

Ferry Corsten


And finally… you’re on a desert island and only allowed one piece of tech. What is it?

If there is power on the desert Island a Roland Jp8000 but if not, a solar Still – So I would still have plenty of fresh drinking water.