Business Continuity – COVID-19/Coronavirus

Below is a letter we have sent to all our customers. Hopefully if may be of use to someone else too.

Dear All,
With the COVID-19 outbreak showing little sign of going away, we just wanted to send a gentle reminder to ensure your Business Continuity Plans are up to date.
If Government advice changes and all/most staff are required to work from home, we want to avoid a sudden deluge of calls from users who have forgotten their VPN passwords, or have no remote access set up.
This happens most years when it snows, but this could affect many more people, and for a longer time.

Below is a brief (and by no means complete) list of considerations which would help you and us ensure a smooth and fast transition to home working if required.

• Do all users who may be required to work remotely have access to a suitable computer (either their own, or a company laptop) and broadband?
• Do all the key workers have remote access to emails on their home and/or mobile devices?
• Is a VPN required to access company systems or files, and if so, is it already set up on the necessary remote workstations?
• Are the necessary usernames and passwords known and recently tested for all users?
• Do users have a Softphone app/licence to use the company hosted VoIP system?
• Will phone diverts need setting up on main numbers, Direct Dials or groups (e.g. Sales lines)?
• Are users familiar with setting up Video calls and conferences instead of face to face meetings, and do you have the required licences?
• Do the Accounts users have access to banking security devices so they can make bank payments remotely?

I’m sure many more questions will arise but this will hopefully at least ensure the possibility of mass quarantine has been considered from a technical and business perspective.
Feel free to ask any questions, or log a ticket with our helpdesk if you need anything setting up or testing.

Greg Gillies
Pond Group Limited