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Oops – we did it again!

We are pleased to announce that we have recently acquired Sapphire Communications Ltd, a London based telecoms provider. This acquisition further strengthens our place in the SME telecoms market, while offering a range of additional products and services to the Sapphire customers. Full press release can be found here –> Press Release – Sapphire Communications

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VoIP Security: When is a PBX not a PBX?

With the rise in popularity of VoIP telephone systems, and more specifically Cloud based “Hosted” phone systems, there is an increasing concern over their security. Companies have always been accepting of the fact that whilst their calls could be “tapped”, the hassle someone would have to go through outweighed the risk. It does still happen and those companies whose conversations really must remain secret put special (normally expensive) measures in place to protect themselves. Historically, business telephony has been split. You have a PBX in your office – the “phone system”, and you have your external lines, be they ISDN or analogue. The “P” in PBX stands for Private. That […]

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NEW product launch: Get ready for the future of voice with Voice.plus

We are delighted to announce that we will be launching a new product to our bespoke telecoms services. From Thursday 1st December we will be offering a brand new hosted voice package that will enhance your business telephone system like never before. Introducing Voice.Plus Voice.Plus is the solution to all of your business telecoms needs. It is secure with built in disaster recovery to ensure that there is no chance of lost data with call re-routing. The system is cloud based which means that no bulky hardware is needed to get started and there is enhanced mobility through seamless remote operation. With our new hosted voice package, you will get a number […]

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