Top 5 benefits of using VoIP telephone lines

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Top 5 benefits of using VoIP Hosted telephones

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Business Continuity – COVID-19/Coronavirus

Below is a letter we have sent to all our customers. Hopefully if may be of use to someone else too. Dear All,With the COVID-19 outbreak showing little sign of going away, we just wanted to send a gentle reminder to ensure your Business Continuity Plans are up to date. If Government advice changes and all/most staff are required to work from home, we want to avoid a sudden deluge of calls from users who have forgotten their VPN passwords, or have no remote access set up. This happens most years when it snows, but this could affect many more people, and for a longer time. Below is a brief […]

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JOB: 1st Line Helpdesk Support Analyst or Apprentice

** JOIN OUR TEAM ** A rare opportunity has arisen for you to join our Helpdesk team. Due to expansion, we are looking for an IT apprentice or 1st Line Helpdesk support analyst based in our Bromley office. If you have a great personality, love technology and are confident talking on the telephone, get in touch. Full details of the position are available on request. Please send CV and covering letter to

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Microsoft Silver Partner

Pond are proud to now be a Microsoft Silver Partner. Contact us to help with your Azure or Office 365 cloud migrations.

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Pond joins Connect Westminster scheme

Launching  August 24, 2017, the Connect Westminster scheme offer a Government funded grant of up to £2K for Westminster businesses. The grant applies to installation and associated costs for next generation Internet connections to those with eligible postcodes. Pond are proud to be one of the registered suppliers in this scheme and are on hand to provide advice and pricing for 1Gbps Internet connections. Unlike many ISPs who just send you a router, we can take full ownership of the project, including management and configuration of Firewalls if required. More details of the scheme can be found on our dedicated site http://connectwestm

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VoIP Security: When is a PBX not a PBX?

With the rise in popularity of VoIP telephone systems, and more specifically Cloud based “Hosted” phone systems, there is an increasing concern over their security. Companies have always been accepting of the fact that whilst their calls could be “tapped”, the hassle someone would have to go through outweighed the risk. It does still happen and those companies whose conversations really must remain secret put special (normally expensive) measures in place to protect themselves. Historically, business telephony has been split. You have a PBX in your office – the “phone system”, and you have your external lines, be they ISDN or analogue. The “P” in PBX stands for Private. That […]

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NEW product launch: Get ready for the future of voice with

We are delighted to announce that we will be launching a new product to our bespoke telecoms services. From Thursday 1st December we will be offering a brand new hosted voice package that will enhance your business telephone system like never before. Introducing Voice.Plus Voice.Plus is the solution to all of your business telecoms needs. It is secure with built in disaster recovery to ensure that there is no chance of lost data with call re-routing. The system is cloud based which means that no bulky hardware is needed to get started and there is enhanced mobility through seamless remote operation. With our new hosted voice package, you will get a number […]

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UK Tech price increases

Dear all, Apple have announced that with immediate effect, they are increasing the price of their products in the UK by up to 20%. Even some old models, such as the 3 year old Mac Pro has increased by almost £500 overnight. They haven’t provided us with a definitive reason for the increase, other than to bring the UK in line with other territories following on from significant currency fluctuations. Apple are not alone in this increase as we recently received the attached letter from Microsoft. Essentially they are doing the same thing and increasing most of their licence pricing by up to 22%. One thing Microsoft have done is […]

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‘RansomWare’: how to avoid a disaster

Every business comes with challenges. Not just the everyday problems of remaining profitable, efficient and competitive, but challenges to the very existence of the business itself. The threats we face as business owners are evolving continually and businesses who fail to recognise the risks are leaving themselves vulnerable. Take a high-street store. One big threat is shoplifters – easily mitigated by security guards, CCTV and product security tags. What if the thieves worked out a way to take your entire stock, lock it up in a warehouse somewhere and threatened to burn it all unless you paid them a ransom? Well, that’s exactly what is happening in the digital world […]

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POND Case Study

Brief Our client, a leading provider of document management solutions, started up a few years ago and Pond have been helping with their IT requirements and supporting them ever since. This particular problem arose when the hard disk in one of their PCs failed. The PC held the master copy of a database they use every day. All the client and candidate information was stored in this system and was potentially lost. Solution Knowing the value of this data, Pond had previously recommended and implemented a Cloud based secure backup service to protect their essential files. The Pond Duo-LC Cloud system with RedStor backup engine is a comprehensive system for PCs […]

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