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Microsoft Silver Partner

Pond are proud to now be a Microsoft Silver Partner. Contact us to help with your Azure or Office 365 cloud migrations.

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Pond joins Connect Westminster scheme

Launching  August 24, 2017, the Connect Westminster scheme offer a Government funded grant of up to £2K for Westminster businesses. The grant applies to installation and associated costs for next generation Internet connections to those with eligible postcodes. Pond are proud to be one of the registered suppliers in this scheme and are on hand to provide advice and pricing for 1Gbps Internet connections. Unlike many ISPs who just send you a router, we can take full ownership of the project, including management and configuration of Firewalls if required. More details of the scheme can be found on our dedicated site http://connectwestm

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NEW product launch: Get ready for the future of voice with

We are delighted to announce that we will be launching a new product to our bespoke telecoms services. From Thursday 1st December we will be offering a brand new hosted voice package that will enhance your business telephone system like never before. Introducing Voice.Plus Voice.Plus is the solution to all of your business telecoms needs. It is secure with built in disaster recovery to ensure that there is no chance of lost data with call re-routing. The system is cloud based which means that no bulky hardware is needed to get started and there is enhanced mobility through seamless remote operation. With our new hosted voice package, you will get a number […]

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UK Tech price increases

Dear all, Apple have announced that with immediate effect, they are increasing the price of their products in the UK by up to 20%. Even some old models, such as the 3 year old Mac Pro has increased by almost £500 overnight. They haven’t provided us with a definitive reason for the increase, other than to bring the UK in line with other territories following on from significant currency fluctuations. Apple are not alone in this increase as we recently received the attached letter from Microsoft. Essentially they are doing the same thing and increasing most of their licence pricing by up to 22%. One thing Microsoft have done is […]

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How to avoid “Whaling” fraud against your business

Recently an interesting news piece was published on The BBC website about a fraud scam attacking many businesses across the UK, known as “Whaling” – Similar to what we know as phishing attacks, that tend to be aimed at smaller fry, Whaling is where hackers instead target a ‘big fish’ within the business, typically the financial director or similar. [OK, we know whales are not fish, but we didn’t make up that term!] We were alerted to this a couple of months ago, as businesses we knew witnessed first hand cyber-thieves trying to commit fraud against them. The particular scam is simple; the attackers research their ‘mark’ carefully, targeting […]

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POND unveils new website and brand identity

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